What are the job opportunities after an MBA?

What are the job opportunities after an MBA?

March 29, 2021 0 By Nishat Firdaush

According to the latest trends in the business and startup world. MBA has come up with full of job opportunities for students.

Every day a new startup is born there needs an MBA student to run it successfully. If you are a graduate student and confused between getting a job or apply for an MBA? Then go for an MBA. Because it gives better job opportunities.

Now here comes the most exciting question. What are the job opportunities after an MBA?

In today’s business world MBA is full of opportunities. MBA gives you the way a to explore more about business and Management.

MBA programs are not only related to business anymore. Now, each field offers the specialization of the subjects.

It has now become subject-specific and the curriculum that students choose. Depending on the colleges and graduated syllabus.

But all this is only possible if you are willing to go through entrance exams. To get admission to a good college. Let’s explore all the details regarding MBA.

What is an MBA?

MBA is an abbreviation of Master of Business Administration. Students are eligible to apply for this degree once they have completed their graduation with relevant subjects.

MBA teaches you management. Management is needed for every business in the world. For instance, managing a team, managing a company, managing an event, etc.

Achieving an MBA degree offers practical business insight, enhances your skills along with networking. Most importantly, creates new opportunities for students with this degree. It’s a standard preference to evaluate your career pathway.

That is the reason even after graduation students take up an MBA program. However, there are different formats of the programs.

Depending on the time duration and enrollment procedure. A full-time program means students have to enroll in college. Therefore, dedicating themselves to curriculum and activities.

This can last for one to two-year duration. Then there is also a part-time option available that working students can apply for.

Now looking at the pandemic situation students can take online classes sitting in their comfort zone. Meanwhile, this program can also be in a hybrid model that means online and offline lecture systems.

Executive MBAs (EMBA) this program is designed for employees who have work experience of 5 to 10 years. If you plan to work first and then decide to do MBA then is the right opportunity for you.

Why should students make a career in MBA

There are many reasons to make a career in MBA. If you want to learn the depth of business. Or you have a plan for a Startup then you should make a career in MBA. The main aim behind an MBA course is that it sharpens your management skills.

If you want to enhance your business strategy, marketing goals, then you should pursue MBA. If you are planning to lead senior management positions in in multinational companies. Then an MBA is for you.

Students first count the job opportunities in MBA. Then look into its salary. After that, they plan to choose an MBA. If you are planning to do the same then chose the field accordingly to pursue MBA.

If you are not satisfied with the graduation course that you had enrolled in. And want to upskill and enhance your qualifications. Then you must enroll in an MBA course.

Then pursuing an MBA degree is important. This can not only build your confidence. Eventually, it will develop leadership qualities. These programs are designed in such a way. That let students explore their potentials beyond their limits.

It adds value to the personality and adds more credit to your educational qualifications. As its not just a degree but it takes hard work, patience, and perseverance to achieve an MBA.

There is good industrial exposure to MBA programs. From various experts having decades of experience in the field.

Looking at the current scenario, graduates are unemployed. Even if they are having a degree. It’s only because some of them lack the skills. Especially, required for the position that they are applying for.

Most importantly, there is tough competition considering the population. It can give an elevation to job opportunities.

As compared to just graduated fresher as the preferred candidate. It will help an individual to become skilled, knowledgeable. Specifically build professionalism in their careers.

What are the job opportunities after an MBA? Best job option after MBA

Looking at Indian scenario, an MBA degree has varied specializations. Some of the most well-known are as follows.

Generally, the Management needs to be managed in all verticals like Marketing, Finance Advertising, and Public relation, HR. Moreover extending to many more sectors like Healthcare facilities, Insurance, and Human resources.

Many students also pursue MBA degrees after completing their Engineering or medical studies. Aspiring student can choose their field of interest and pursue accordingly.

There are many placement opportunities available. Also, industrial experts having decades of experience in their respective field. Guiding students in choosing the best field possible.

Every field is the best option after MBA. But it can be only successful when you give your 100% of hard work. And applying the knowledge you have received throughout the course.

It depends on the field that you choose. And the curriculum activities conducted by the colleges. The exposure it provides and the industrial working system. Overall will help to build secure career opportunities for an individual.

What are the average salary of top MBA jobs

Though MBA can be a much expensive degree. But most of the investment gets successful returns. There is no doubt about it. The average salary of top MBA jobs ranges from 2 lacs to 20 lacs. It depends upon college, degree, experiences, and skills.

Moreover, graduates with an MBA degree have the potential to get a higher average salary than those without.

But having said that it doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed. It also depends on your skill set, networking, grades, and other factors.

An MBA in Marketing can help you get a job advancement and train for managing and administrative positions in various company.

Looking at an MBA salary in India. It is influenced by numerous facets. Like job position it’s responsibilities. Similarly, the location and the company.

Below are few fields and their average salary listed below.

1.Project Manager

Project Manager has the responsibility of an entire project. From developing to coordinating with employees working on this project.

The skills required for this job is to build good strategies. To finding the solution to the problems. During the completion of the project. The average salary of a project manager can scale up to 10 INR LPA.

2. HR Manager

Every organisation or company HR Managers are employed. There are various sectors.

The prime responsibility is to recruit new candidates. Taking care of the employees needs. For example, leave and salary management. Along with the training and conducting activities. The average salary is approximately 6,1LPA INR. Furthermore, with year’s of experience as Senior HR Manager’s salary can be expected close to INR. 10 LPA.

3. Business Analyst

The business analyst is important for any business. To have a sustainable and bridging the the gaps. The organization’s work need innovative ideas to create a good reputation. The average pay is around 8.8 LPA INR.

4. Banking and Finance

MBA in Banking and Finance have demands in various sectors like Corporate Banking, Corporate Finance, Credit Risk Management and Hedge Fund Management.

Therefore, average salary in Banking and Finance is Rs. 6.75 LPA INR.

5. Operations Management

The average salary of an MBA in Operations Management is INR 8.2 lpa. This field includes product/service-based sectors. Moreover, Transportation, Logistics, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Management Consulting, etc.

6. Marketing

Marketing is essential for every business to grow. And it has scope in all the sectors. It is also offers Analytical Marketing, Customer Relationship Marketing and many others. The average package salary is around INR. 7.42 LPA.

Some best business school in India

There are reputed businesses schools and colleges. In India, the top-rated MBA colleges include all branches Indian Institute of Management (IIM) located at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Kharagpur, Kozhikode and Indore.

Furthermore, there comes the Department of Management Studies (DMS). Along with XLRI (Xavier School of Management) located in Mumbai, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, etc.

Subsequently, there also private colleges that strive to give quality MBA programs. For example, Wellingers,  S P Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR), Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM), Welingkar Institute of Management, etc.

What are some entrance exam you should clear to take admission in MBA

To pursue an MBA individual has to go through tough entrance examinations. But that is not enough! Moreover, if pass the entrance exam. It doesn’t end here. Generally followed by levels of rounds. This could be group discussions and personal interviews.

These are held at college campuses. Furthermore, that will decide the fate of students qualifying for the MBA Admissions.

The entrance examinations are conducted at the National and state levels. Also considering the institute’s own examinations. Admissions to all B-schools take place through either common or institution admission tests.

Let’s explore a few of the entrance examinations held at all levels.

Firstly, we will discuss National Level Test conducted by a top national B-school. Various other colleges that have been validated under this test.

They are as follows Common Admission Test (CAT), Management Aptitude Test (MAT), Common Management Admission Test (CMAT )

Secondly, heading to State Level Test conducted by a state-level testing body authority. This mostly targets the state as a region. Where students don’t want to shift to another place can give it.

Moreover, to get better opportunity being within their State borders. Some of the examinations are Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MAH-CET), Odisha Joint Entrance Examination (OJEE), Karnataka Management Aptitude Test (KMAT), etc.

Thirdly, coming to the entrance test conducted by a B-school for its own MBA program. In some conditions, the scores secured in these exams. It can be considered for qualifying other colleges.

Looking forward to Entrance Examinations; for instance, the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT). Symbiosis National Aptitude Online Test (SNAP), and many more.

What are the job opportunities after an MBA?

Conclusion on what are the job opportunities after an MBA?

Getting an MBA degree will open the doors. To new job opportunities with great salary options. Mainly it depends on the specialization of the field. And years of experience that will help in the increment. Mainly it has the potential to influence salary.

MBA teaches you to manage yourself first. Then you acquire the capability to manage companies. It gives you the power to lead a brand successfully. MBA is Full of job opportunities.

Everything is not about making money. But the exposure and development of one personality. To be a better version of self is what matters.

Similarly, experimenting with new things and learning from mistakes. It makes you better than others. Hope that this article has answered your questions. You have a bright future in your career ahead. Still, you have any queries or doubts. You can ask me in a comment section.