What Is Fashion Technology? How To Make A Career In It?

What Is Fashion Technology? How To Make A Career In It?

January 31, 2021 0 By Nishat Firdaush

If you are the one. Who loves experimenting with fashion. So, You keep an eye on every superstar’s wardrobe. Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Turning heads around when you walk in? You can now do all this with fashion technology.

But What is fashion technology? How to make a career in it? These are confusing questions coming to your mind. Let’s sort out your queries.

This is not limited only to clothing. But there are various departments to explore. For instance jewellery, shoes, accessories etc.

Setting and following your fashion trends. Above all spreading your craft ideas.

And not just being a follower of trends. But let them follow your trends.

With the right knowledge and passion. Certainly, you can hit the spot.

We shall explore the following. Fashion technology course details.

Along with fashion technology course eligibility.

Various types of fashion designer courses. That are available for individual.

Most importantly, the career and field exposure. Likewise, the position one can take up.

In conclusion, have excelling career opportunities.

What is Fashion Technology?

It involves every technicality related to fashion. The information of core garment manufacturing.

Technical methods used in manufacturing.

Similarly, Introducing unique styling techniques. Developing of a concept to executing it.

Also, making sure the quality of the product. 

Handling merchandising of apparel. Learning management elements. Most importantly, technological applications are carried out. 

That lay the foundation for the fabric designing. It’s process and management. However, along with apparels and accessory design.

There are many things to take care of. For instance, Understanding the science behind. The textile industry.

Fashion Merchandising, marketing, and colour mixing.

The course gives students theoretical. Subsequently, giving practical expertise.

As a result, Aspirants can follow different career options. Specializing in the field. Which appeals an individual.

In conclusion, An individual can successfully contribute. To the modern world of fashion.

Fashion technology course eligibility

To be in this industry in long run. There are few boxes that need to tick off. So, one of them is checking for eligibility. For applying in the fashion technology course.

That goes hand in hand. With eligibility for the fashion designing course.

what is fashion technology? how to make career in it?

Bachelor’s in Fashion Technology (B.F.TECH). It is a 4-year undergraduate degree course.

Eligibility criteria should be qualified in the HSC examination. Preferably from the science stream.

Most importantly, with subjects like; physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Minimum Aggregate Score of 55%. But this is not enough. As students have to go through entrance examination.

Therefore, the selection process is through merit.

The score obtained in the entrance examination. Here are few entrance exams is listed below.

National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance Exam. Abbreviated to (NIFT).

They have various branches across overall India. In cities like Mumbai and Bangalore for instance.

National Institute of Design Entrance Examination. Abbreviated as (NID Entrance Exam)

Pearl Academy of Fashion Entrance Examination.

The School of Fashion Technology Entrance Examination. Abbreviated to (SOFT)

What is the difference between fashion technology & fashion designing

Fashion Technology: Creating of accessories and clothing. With the help of technology. It involves the manufacturing process.

Further, It uses a variety of technological aspect. At the time of producing the apparels.

However, If the individual is interested in technology.

Rather than creative viewpoint. As a result, this is the right career to explore.

Fashion design: It is the art of creative field. Application of creativity with designs.

Subsequently, Exploring with clothing and accessories.

Certainly, It gets influenced by culture, trends etc. Working area depends mainly on expertise.

There are different fields like Footwear designers, costume designers. Likewise, many genres of other industries.

Types of fashion designer courses

Many Fashion technology courses fall under fashion designer courses. The design is not restricted to apparel.

There are several categories in fashion design. Wherein budding designers can choose the one. That is suitable for them.

And can develop their mastery in the same. The following are the types of fashion designer courses.

Which are offered by the renowned institution.

An individual has scope to do Diploma. Also, Diploma in Fashion & Lifestyle Entrepreneurship.

Diploma in Fashion Business Management is a year course. Also, Diploma in Visual Merchandising that for 6 Months duration.

B.FTech. Fashion Design in Apparel Production. Leather, Accessory and Textile Designs. Knitwear Design and jewellery design.

One can also pursue post-graduation. There course for Master programs. For example, Master of Fashion Management. And Master of Fashion Technology

How to make Career in fashion technology

A B.F.Tech. It is well-versed. Not only in the designing factors.

But also in technical aspects. Related to the fashion industry.

Hence, it is expected to see increase in job opportunities. In the fashion and textile industry.

Indian Textiles and apparels have gained foreign interest. Because of the Make in India initiative by the government.

Thus, indicating to fill up the position in India. Similarly, in fashion industries overall.

What is fashion technology? How to make a career in it?

Work exposure in the fashion industry

Below listed are the fields. In which an individual can get recruited. The area of working give a better exposure.

It also helps to decide field. To get specialized in. So that there is clarity of thoughts.

Therefore, it can drive results which benefits mutually. To company and employees.

1.Branded fashion houses

Fashion technologists acquire their design and technical skill. Helping to consult on problems. Overlooked by branded fashion houses.

Therefore, They constantly inspect and manage. To innovate processes and mechanisms.

In the designing and manufacturing of products.

2. Fashion Event management.

Fashion technologists work in event management. They require individual who have knowledge in fashion. Also, Companies need to fix the ongoing issues. That might occur during events. Coordinating with client’s. Ensuring that event goes on smoothly.

3. Film industry and television.

They have the scope in the film and television industry. As this is where the trends get started. And followed by a larger audience.

They consult on various issues. That create problems during events. And can be a support system. In regulating quick fixes.

To understand trends and innovative processes. Specializing in making custom blueprint. That is suitable for models and celebrities.

Here there is bigger exposure. For larger communities to explore.

4. Boutiques

Fashion technologists work in boutiques. To assist and learn techniques of designing. And setting unique trends and themes.

However, The Boutique can be opened individually. Here, you have the freedom to work on your terms.

You can also work here as a fashion designer

Now, lets see functions of work. An individual has to go through in this career.

Furthermore, will discuss the positions one can apply. As fashion technology is concerned.

The assembling test samples of fabrics. Checking other materials. Identifying up to date trends. Creating new ways in the fashion world.

That will ensure the quality standards. Interacting with clients, dealers and designers.

Tailoring designs that are cost-effective. Subsequently, considering production methods.

Maintaining the demand standards. Similarly, dealing with of the clients or dealers.

Sharing knowledge of expertise. To the budding fashion technologists

1.Manager in Fashion House

Fashion Houses require B.F. Tech. Graduates in managerial positions. To look after the processing and maintenance.

Managing the firm’s commodities. Also, they are in charge of marketing-related actions. However, also involved in promotional activities.

2. Apparel and Accessories Developer

They conceptualize and create items. Depending on clothing and accessories. They keep a record of current trends.

In addition, create designs, fabrics and patterns. Furthermore, they are also responsible for feasible returns. Which is profitable for company budget.

3. Fashion Production Manager

Fashion Production Manager is responsible for planning. Organizing and controlling developing processes.

Also, for supervising the quality standards. Quantity distribution of materials etc.

4. Fashion correspondent and magazines

Fashion technologists find a space. In magazines, Newspapers and publications. As fashion writers and editors.

So, An individual needs to be updated. About ongoing fashion trends.

Consequently, write informative creative articles. Moreover, reporting events and activities.

They also help in developing marketing strategies. Further, creating brand value of company.

Certainly, their attention to detail. And technical insights in fashion. Consequently, gives value for analysis.

5. Fashion Retailers

To get an in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior. In addition, to understand their outlook and choices.

Moreover, that fashion technologists can examine trends. Prepared through market research.

Above all, This helps to know the taste and preferences. Moreover, considering needs of consumers.

Most importantly, this benefits to customize services. According to the of the clients.

6. Educator

Numerous Institutes have courses. Which are related to fashion technology. Therefore, An individual can join as faculty members.

To sum up, They want people who are experienced. To share their practical knowledge. So that they can educate. The budding fashion technologists.

Final thoughts on What is fashion technology? How to make a career in it?

The Fashion Industry is always exposed as a glamorous one. And has increased popularity. In the country like India in recent years.

However, In India the established percentage is less. Compared to the international fashion industry value.

Similarly, as years pass by. The Indian culture is gaining popularity. Therefore, it is soon going to be scaled higher.

International fashion houses are opening in India. As a result of multiple online fashion websites, stores have been launched.

The possibility of a fashion technology graduate. Certainly, would be excelling in the upcoming year’s of the future.