What Is Ethical Hacking & Its Salary

What Is Ethical Hacking & Its Salary

February 24, 2021 0 By Nishat Firdaush

Ethical Hacking has become a buzzing career option in 2021. Everywhere we are listening & reading about it. But the question is what is ethical hacking & its salary? Whether is it the right career choice for me or not? Come on let’s find out together!

Now, hacking is something that people perceive negatively. Someone refers to a scamp programmer.

Who is skilled at transforming computer systems. Likewise, from attacking websites with viruses to other cyberattacks.

All the above is true. But ethical hacking is just the opposite. The intention of ethical hacker is as clean as crystal.

They help companies to check their networks system. And to create solutions to protect data breaches.

What is Ethical Hacking?

The ethical hacker is also called a white hat hacker. Ethical Hacking is a legal practice. That is evading system security. To identify possible data violations and threats in a network.

What is Ethical hacking? Is it  right career choice

The corporation and firms that maintain the system. To network enable Cybersecurity engineers.

To operate such activities in order. Also analyze the system’s protection. Therefore, unlike malicious hacking.

This operation is of positive intention. And most importantly, legal.

Ethical hackers strive to inspect the system. Network for unstable points that are malicious. That can take advantage to damage the database.

Meanwhile they investigate the information. Similarly, to finds out ways to reinforce. The security of the networks and applications.

Furthermore, they can modify the security. So that it can adequately resist attacks. Subsequently, try to detract them.

How to learn ethical hacking as a beginner?

A Graduate degree in information technology. Bachelor’s of Computer science. With a full-fledged certification course in Ethical Hacking.

However. The IT education has courses. And certifications related to Ethical hacking. For Most importantly, an individual can self-study.

But it is always good to have a proven education course.

Not violating the law is the main aim. Sticking to morality and legal values. All professional hackers should follow code of principles. In everything they do.

Can assure a good opportunity. Consequently, getting hired by reputed companies.

An individual can join ethical hacking courses. Through online platforms. Such as Coursera and Udemy etc.

Is it the right career choice?

After learning about what and how. Let’s jump to the biggest question. That is it right career choice.

Yes, it is a promising career. If you are in information technological. Other innovation programs.

And believe in ethics and moral values. Therefore, the main intention is to be loyal. And to follow companies’ protocols.

Also, it requires strong knowledge in IT field. An increase in cases of computer hacking. It has given rise to reputed companies.

Other financial and government associations. They are hiring ethical hackers.

They enable these corporations. In finding out software vulnerability. Moreover, potential security leaks of computer systems.

And also to maintain them from any future threats.

Therefore, Ethical Hacking as a career has favorable possibilities. In the upcoming future years.

What is the ethical hacking salary?

In India, the cybersecurity sector is growing rapidly. There is a huge gap between demand and supply.

And this creates a great possibility for individuals. Therefore, interested in choosing cybersecurity as a career.

However, the salary for an ethical hacker depends on multiple factors like Company, location, certification level, and job profile.

In India, a certified ethical hacker (fresher). He/she can earn an average salary of up to Rs 3.5 lakh per year.

Moreover, with more experience over the years. It’s likely to be more than 15 lakh per year.


There is an increase in the number of cyberattacks. As the technology is continuing to grow each year.

Meanwhile, these attacks can damage. Trillions of dollars to companies.

It might seem that careers in ethical hacking are restricted. Consequently, it is possible to be the largely trending career in the future.

Accordingly, individuals in an IT profession. They should opt for an ethical hacking certification course.

So that you can be the right candidate for getting a job. As a result In the field of ethical hacking.