What are MOOCs & Their Advantages In Student Life?

What are MOOCs & Their Advantages In Student Life?

April 11, 2021 0 By Nishat Firdaush

Many of you must be confused about what is MOOCs? Some of you might don’t know in detail about it. In this article, we will get in and out information about the topic. Moreover, we will also see what are the advantages you will be getting through MOOCs. Here we on what are MOOCs & their advantages?

It has turned out to be the best option so far for students enrolling. And most importantly, anyone from over all the world can be part of this.

So what are you waiting for I think you should definitely try one of these. But wait let’s check out the details first so that you get a clear idea about the same.

What are MOOCs or its meaning?

So, coming to the most awaited question. What is MOOCs? It is an abbreviation for Massive Open Online Courses.

These are free online university courses that are offered by different colleges. And these courses are generally not qualified for the credit.

Moreover, there are over a million students all over the world who registering for it. Later on, students will normally take lectures at their own pace.

So you can get access to watch informative lectures. Interestingly, complete assignments and also take the assessment.

MOOCs have many benefits in gaining knowledge. And students get a wide range of opportunities. Furthermore, it provides a variety of options that they can choose in the field of their interest.

Where can you start Learning MOOCs?

Now comes the biggest question. And that is where can you access it. So, to get started with MOOCS. you will have to check out. The most prominent MOOC platforms to search for courses.

Here are the top MOOC sites. This includes Coursera, EdX, Canvas Network, Udacity, NovoED, and many others. You can also visit some reputed university websites. For example, Harvard University.

These universities are giving students opportunities for open learning. Some of the courses are credit-eligible which means it may charge a fee. Few courses might be for free also.

On other hand, they also offer a verified certification. You can just take a printout of the certification. After completing the course. To get give as proof of completion.

It’s doesn’t have any age criteria. So, upgrade your education. And enjoy MOOC advantages. Enroll yourself in a course today.

Advantages of MOOCs in your career

Let’s explore all the possibilities that MOOCs offer. And let’s see the advantages of the same. I believe it will help you where you can find these courses. And you can choose the right option according.

Moreover, you will get an overall idea as to why you should go ahead with it. Furthermore, these courses are free. So, it enables even financially unstable students to get an opportunity to learn and improve skills. Let see some more in detail. MOOCs & their advantages are countless in student’s life.

1. It has diverse subjects

At times you are not satisfied with the subject you get to choose. Especially in school or colleges. You get to choose a subject by your choice. Moreover, the topics that you are interested in.

Here, MOOCs can help you to find out the right course for you. You just have to search on one of the websites. The subjects can range from Marketing to personal finance. Also, communication to IT, etc.

2. Check out the background of the subject before committing

Sometimes we are in middle college years and you don’t realize that you can’t handle this subject anymore. So in the middle of the course, you leave it halfway.

To avoid this situation you can take MOOCs to understand the background of the subject. Later on, things are good enough then you can enroll yourself in the field.

This method will help you figure out what major to take. Ultimately save your money as well for investing in right field.

3. Exposure at college-level learning.

For school level students. Taking a MOOC will encourage you to understand which stream to choose in college years.

Discovering more about the subject you want to learn until you reach your college year. The tests and assignments you’ll complete give an insight into. what will be the coming years in college look like.

4. Can access from the world

Since the world has become digitally equipped. Students from all over the country can access MOOC. Students can communicate with one each other.

Through groups and social networking. You will get to learn from your peers. And increase your networking also. You just need a good internet connection

5. MOOCs are open to everyone

This is the best advantage of MOOCs. There are no conditions for learning. You can sign up for any course. It doesn’t matter from which background you are from.

Moreover, there are no conditions for age as well. You might have graduated 10 years back. But then you can still upgrade your knowledge by signing up for this. You just have to be prepared to put in the effort.

6. Available in different languages.

The course is available in various languages. As there is no restriction on geographic conditions. You can enjoy courses that are taught in a foreign language.

There are many courses that mostly having English as their language. As we know it is universally spoken language.

Subtitles are of great help as you don’t have to translate them. Most importantly, it is also friendly for students who have hearing disabilities. There is also an option for them.

7. MOOCs help student to make CV stand out from the rest

People around do many things to make their CVs stand out. But then at times, we see that they do things out of their interested field. Even out of their specializations.

MOOCs provide insight and interest-specific exposure. This course is from experts having decades of experience. Their practical proficiency is what can give a great guidance.

8. Boost your career potentials

Nowadays Employers look for various soft skills while recruiting. On MOOCs many personality development programs are available. That can teach you to work Ethics and Etiquette.

From teamwork to public speaking all the topics are available. You can get certificates also which will give full proof of your skills attained.

For instance, if an individual has completed an English major. He or she is applying for the job of a copywriter. But here mostly he or she has a certificated for copywriting. Then it is sure that it will get more preference over other candidates.

MOOCs are open as Udemy. Although Udemy is also free and paid as MOOCs. It is up to you the subject you choose to learn like marketing, drawing, WordPress etc. There are many benefits of free wordperss

courses on Udemy as MOOCs.

Conclusion on what are MOOCs & their advantages?

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) online courses available for anyone to enroll. It contributes an inexpensive way to learn new skills. Moreover, improve your career and provide quality educational experiences on a larger scale.

Massive people around the world have enrolled themselves in MOOCs. To learn for any reasons that there might be.

As there 360 degrees topics and subjects covered. It’s gives students the opportunity to learn what they miss out on during their college years. Or just to get a hang of a new hobby.

So, hope that through this article you have a clear idea about MOOCs. Similarly, where you can find this courses and also the advantages that it has. I hope that you go and enroll yourself in one of these. So that you can experience it by yourself.

Moreover, think about it as an upgrade in your personal development also. All the best for your bright future.