With Rs 5000, A 21-YO started an online portal helping 1000 students

With Rs 5000, A 21-YO started an online portal helping 1000 students

February 14, 2021 0 By Nishat Firdaush

Shweta Das, a 21- year old girl, living in Jamshedpur, with just Rs 5000 she started Gyan Sutra in May 2020. It is an online studying portal, and it recently has managed to cross over 1000 students taking online classes. A 21-YO started an online portal gyan sutra.

She narrates herself as ‘An entrepreneur who understands the requirement of students’. She found that due to pandemic. There was an increase in online learning.

Also, she acknowleged that students and parents were facing difficulty to have a clear understanding of online classes.

Some parents also were not well-equipped about its working system. Others could provide the facilities, but there were language barriers.

Also, managing time separately to explain concepts to children was hard.

Here, parents were looking for additional support. There are many other portals. That is dedicated to online study material.

But they were costly and that was not affordable for students with financial issues.

As parents had to also pay for school fees. Meanwhile, many have lost their jobs due to pandemic situations.

This gave her the idea to begin something online. That will help many students. This led her to found Gyaansutra.

The portal’s objective is to provide academic assistance to students. With students ranging from nursery to degree course. Currently, it has 30 tutors on-board.

With students ranging from nursery to degree course. Currently, it has 30 tutors on-board.

She said. ‘The price fixed was feasible for both parents and tutors involved.’

The portal also gives job opportunities to many graduates and undergraduates. Those who are seeking out jobs and have an enthusiasm for teaching.

The working function of the portal

The Individual tutor conducts classes from the comforts of their own home. All are from across India.

Once students choose their tutor, they make a payment for the selected number of classes. According to their convenience, they sign up for it.

Further, the tutor approaches the students and take forward the classes.

Depending upon the number of classes fixed. And subjects that is chosen.

A 21-YO started an online portal gyan sutra.
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Students can choose subjects like to learn math, physics, biology, chemistry, English, economics, accounts, and other studies materials.

There are a range of subjects catering to the levels of standards. The classes begin at Rs 300 onwards per month.

Students can opt for face-to-face classes as well. The charges are the same for students. The online classes are conducted on the Google meet.

How Gyan Sutra is earning revenue?

Considering one plan of student. As we have discussed earlier. 300 Rs is the fixed amount.

So, The portal earns a commission of Rs 100 per student. And the remaining 200 Rs. is transfers directly to the tutor.

Over time, we have managed to become successful and that gives the motivation to keep growing.

Major concerns of Gyan Sutra

As the tutors associated are from overall India. Her main concern is toward the eastern zone.

Because students in that zone cannot avail of their full potential. Due to many reasons like finance, education quality, illiteracy etc

Hailing from Jamshedpur, she herself has observed and know their experiences closely.

Expansion plans

Many companies are approaching Shweta. To collaborate with them. But as of now, she wants to wait for a while so more students can get utility.

As at the back of her mind it is always that more and more students can access this platform. Shweta a 21-YO started an online portal gyan sutra to help students & teachers across India.

And uproot the notion that education is expensive and unaffordable. She strives to change this through Gyaansutra.