How To Get A Free WordPress Course On Udemy

How To Get A Free WordPress Course On Udemy

February 21, 2021 0 By Nishat Firdaush

WordPress has now become the most popular and loved website. It has given writers and bloggers freedom to pour their hearts out.

Now, many businesses are adopting this platform as their official page. Similarly, it has been also used for E-Commerce websites.

Are you confused as to How to get a free course on Udemy? No worries, I will let you know the best free WordPress courses you can get from Udemy.

If you want to achieve all the above. Or simply just want to master WordPress.

You can now enrol in Udemys courses for free. Therefore, The only thing is you just have to commit to few hours.

Here, is the guide for you to get the basic course which is available on Udemy. Let’s drive straight to the courses.

Must Read

1. Launching your first WordPress website for beginners.

The instructor of this course is Kevin Kennedy. He works as a product designer for his own company. Which uses an online medium to approach his clients.

He gives guidance for businesses to develop unique pages. Certainly, which have a friendly interface. And customers find it attractive to use.

He has developed this course for beginner-level classes. The time duration is 1 hour 40 minutes.

The course helps in providing knowledge with step by step process of website building. From buying the domain to understanding the WordPress interface.

It also gives an understanding of how the website should be designed and styled. Subsequently, to the requirements of clients or for individual use.

Moreover, the individual applying for this course doesn’t require any coding experience.

Also, it is easily available for download and for referral use. Most importantly, it also provides certification of completion after the end of this course.

2. To develop SEO friendly WordPress websites.

Eduonix Learning Solutions, Eduonix-Tech is a technology training institute.

They have created this course. To guide the website creators with an overall understanding of SEO. Search engine optimisation abbreviated to SEO.

Also, to rank their websites using relevant keywords. Which will drive more traffic for the website or blogs.

SEO has becomes a major role in getting the spot attention a website needs. So, it is great to get your basics rights with the help of this course.

The time duration is for 2 hours 45 mins. Anyone with basic knowledge of WordPress can easily apply. Furthermore, it provides video for lifetime accessibility.

3. For web design business

Christine Maisel is the instructor for this course. She has specialized in web designing. And has been a business coach. For guiding over hundreds of websites.

It has quick and easy techniques. That can be understood by the different students enrolling in the course.

The course is for beginner’s level. Meanwhile, there is no need to know coding or other technicality for this course.

The time duration of this course is for 1 hour. Moreover, it provides the certification of completion.

4. To learn the basics WordPress plugins

The instructor of this course is Bruce Chamoff. This course is designed to guide on WordPress plugin.

Also, to create shortcodes for including your website with different features. For instance, to Youtube videos tabs of google maps.

Therefore, to increase the professionalism of the website. By adding shortcodes for great presentational web pages.

Moreover by enhancing the look adding themes, lightboxes etc. The time duration of this course is 1hour 11 mins.

This will definitely help to make your website stand out from others. However, it gives lifetime accessibility to the user.

5. Introduction to Cornerstone and X theme for wordpress

The instructor of this course is Jerad Hill. He is a professional photographer, online marketers, and web designer.

He has many courses available on Udemy. Cornerstone and X theme are the two tools for WordPress features.

Firstly, let’s talk about the cornerstone it provides the user to create many web pages without coding them in reality.

Secondly, now let’s talk about X Themes. However, It is a framework which helps to add a variety of design to web pages.

The time duration of this course is 3 hours long time. But, let’s be honest it’s worth the time.

Moreover, you get lifetime accessibility and other course materials. Most importantly, certification of completion.

How to get free course on udemy

Conclusion on Udemy free course

This is the best opportunity for individuals who want to learn in and out about WordPress.

Most importantly, it’s free to access across the world. This course gives much more information than needed. At least for a beginner to get an idea.

However, Individuals can also choose the paid course too. If they wish to get in-depth knowledge about the subjects. To get more updates and benefits which free courses don’t provide.

Primarily, it’s the best for beginners and those who want to simply learn about WordPress as a whole.

I hope the article on How to get a free course on Udemy helps you to start career in WordPress.