Digital Pratik Journey|Call Center To Best Digital Marketer

Digital Pratik Journey|Call Center To Best Digital Marketer

March 9, 2021 0 By Nishat Firdaush

Pratiksinh Chudasma popularly known as ‘Digital Pratik.’ This brand didn’t build overnight. It took years of hardship and patience. Failures and most importantly self believe. Lifting oneself through difficult situations. Currently, he is influencing millions of people. Digital Pratik the best digital marketer in India.

Helping individuals and brands to build a positive image. And consulting programs and mentoring them. Let’s explore more to get more inspiration through this article.

Education and challenges

As a kid, Pratik was a bright student. He went to A.G high school for his higher secondary education.

In HSC he scored 88% with science stream. And decided to take up engineering.

Successfully got admission to a good engineering college. However, he took a drop in-between because his father got a paralysis stroke.

In 2010, Pratik started working in the call center with a salary of Rs 9700 per month performing well. He was promoted as customer service head for the Uk process.

Later on, joined back his academic year. But didn’t like the subjects during his half-year academic. So, took a drop again and joined the sales profession.

But due to family pressure, he had to join engineering back. In the end, didn’t enjoy anything about engineering and took a firm decision to leave it.

While doing the job. Simultaneously, learning & applying Seo for social media channels. Likewise blogging, Email Marketing, WordPress, etc.

The journey from student, to trainer at the same institute

Digital Pratik wanted to do a digital marketing course and back in time, the course fee was 600000. He only had 10,000 money in his bank account. So he requested the institute to start the EMI option, so he can earn somehow and somewhere and pay the installments. So initially he borrowed money for the first installment.

But for the rest of the course, it was very difficult for him to pay the EMI option. Unfortunately, was rejected because He didn’t have money to pay for a second EMI and had to leave the course. So he saw potential in social media platforms and started posting free content for his viewers.

His content was related to digital media. Sharing what he had learned over the years. Also, motivational thoughts and videos. Pratik started growing his engagement on these platforms. Learning affiliate marketing SEO etc. he got his first job in the field of digital marketing of rupees 17000. Later on, working for brands. That is why Pratik is considered one of the best digital marketers in India.

And helping them grow their business. he saved his money for over 3 months and then joined DSIM again. At the institution, he performed excellently that he was offered to be a digital trainer at the same institute.

Digital Pratik is a three times college dropout

Moreover, he got a chance to give a seminar as a keynote speaker at a college event. Where shed light on dropping out for a reason. And believing in self to become a top digital marketer. Pratik says your purpose, hard work, and dedication. The only key to success.

There are many reasons why took a drop from his college. Due to family issues and losing interest while studying engineering. Being good at studying, scoring well in exams during his school and junior college.

Pratik says, that he is 3 times proud college dropout. But he utilized his drop period majorly to learning to earn money. He came to know through his friend that at the call center.

An employer hires after their SSC examination. So he decided to join it borrowed formals from his friend. Successfully passed all seven rounds of the interview. He performed so well that a few months, later on, was promoted as customer service head.

Most importantly he also surpassed his mentor and senior. He had decided that whatever he will do he will give his best. If 100 % is expected then he would give his 1000 %. And over the years his experience.

Digital marketing career in of Pratik

Digital Pratik a best digital marketer in India

So Pratik started to this journey with only Rs 300 in his bank account.

So he tried to get hands-on experience first. Consequently, got his first job in digital marketing as a digital marketing executive.

Which paid him Rs. 17000 per month. Excelled in this field and got awarded an awesome trainer by his colleagues.

Meanwhile, he was also uploading free content on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Blog, Quora, Pinterest, Social Bookmarking Websites, etc.

Building his brand & managing freelancing projects. But couldn’t manage both of them and that reflected on the quality of the working.

Initially, Pratik was disappointed to post free content on social media because he didn’t get anything in return. He decided to quit his job and return back to his parents.

Meanwhile, started watching Gray vee’s (YouTuber) video which motivated him. And finally decided to go back to the digital marketing field.

He got an opportunity as the Product Manager for an institute in Delhi. Performed his best there. Furthermore, bought the domain ‘digitalpratik.’

Pratik decided to make Digital Pratik a brand. Most importantly, he replaced all the fancy names with Digital Pratik. Earlier his IDs were like pratiksinhisawesome, lovepratiksinh or Pratiksinh Chudasama.”

Why Digital Pratik is the best digital marketer in India?

From creating content and being a consultant in this industry. Pratik also conducts zoom calls, coaching, and workshops too. Pratik charges half an hour Zoom call for maximum of 6000 thousand rupees.

He doesn’t believe in the concept of too many clients. He only works with few clients that he can add true value to their product. Those few clients also pay him lakhs every month.

You can follow him on every social media site. His podcasts on Spotify are quite popular.

Additionally, Pratik is a keynote speaker and a thorough social media communicator. He provides effective marketing strategies.

Also provides personal and business consulting services. Which will help to generate good returns. On his website, there are many courses on personality development and communication that are available.

Most importantly, courses related to digital marketing topics. For instance, SEO, content marketing, developing podcasts. These courses are available free and paid. I hope now you may have understood why Digital Pratik the best digital marketer in India.