Free Course On Happiness By Yale University: The Science Of Well Being

Free Course On Happiness By Yale University: The Science Of Well Being

August 12, 2021 0 By Nishat Firdaush

Hey, are you searching for a course on happiness by Yale University? Do you want to learn The Science of Well-Being? In this article,  you will learn about what is happiness,  how to be happy and positive all the time even in worse situations. This article is all about the course on the science of well-being. i.e. the course on happiness.  

We assure you till the end of the article you will get tons of information about the happiness course. The question is how to access this course?  From where to access the happiness course?  What is the purpose of the happiness course?  Who offered the course?  Why it is important to access the happiness course?  What is the structure of the happiness course?  And so on…

Basically, this course is offered by Yale University.  This course will tell you what is the science behind well-being,  happiness and how to pursue it all the time. 

The course is going to be important for you all for your personal as well as professional life.  Have you ever think about what is the real success of your life?  The real success of everyone‘s life is happiness. 

Read the article carefully till the end to do not miss any single piece of information.

 So let’s move to the content of the course.

Happiness course offered by Yale University

This course is offered by Yale University through Coursera’s worldwide online digital platform. The author of this course is Prof. Laurie Santos.

The Science of Well-Being, a free online course teaches you how to be happier. 

About Author

This course is designed by professor Laurie Santos. Prof. Laurie Santos is a professor of psychology at the Yale University. 

Laurie Santos, the professor of Psychology had prepared the course named “Psychology and the Good Life” in 2018 in response to rising rates of student depression, anxiety, mental trauma, and stress. It quickly became Yale’s most popular class, attracting national as well as international public and media attention.

According to Santos, one out of every four Yale students is enrolled in the course. “Psychology and the Good Life” drew the attention of 1,182 students, a record for a large lecture at Yale.

About Yale University

The University has been inspiring the minds that encourage the world for over 300 years. Yale University, Connecticut (New Haven) brings people and ideas together to make a positive difference around the world. 

Yale University is a site for connection, inventiveness, and creativity among cultures and disciplines. It is a research university that concentrates on learners and encourages them to make learning a new way of life.

Yale University offers some free as well as paid courses for non-academic students. You can purchase the courses as per your desire. Here we have given the direct link to the university courses where you can find details about free as well as paid courses. There are many other free courses are available for example Free online courses on computer science, free online English courses etc.

What is the purpose of happiness course?

The purpose of the author is to aware people of happiness and well-being even in the worse situations of life under any circumstances. The David F. Swensen fund for innovation and Creativity in Teaching aided in the production of The Science of well-being. 

Yale University’s free online course “The Science of Well-Being” teaches you how to be happier.

The author wanted to share the knowledge of positivity, happiness and to make people aware of how to overcome mental traumas. 

Why should you enroll in the course?

You will be pleasantly surprised by how useful it has been – it’s fascinating, but it also feels practical. Course on happiness by Yale University will teach you a handful of awesome happiness techniques.

You’ll eventually be ready to successfully incorporate a particular wellness activity into your daily routine.

You may have a direction to start a new career after completing the course and will have a different perspective to live life rather than focusing on materialistic things.

Course Highlights

Course duration: 10 Weeks

Total Time (In Hours): Approx. 19 hours

Certification: Yes. After completion of the course, you can earn a shareable virtual certificate.

Language: English 

Subtitles: Arabic, Russian, Italian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese (European),  Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, English, Persian


After completing these courses, 14% of students began a new career.

This course provided a tangible career benefit to the students.

You will gain many skills such as Gratitude, Happiness, Meditation, and Savoring, etc. 

About free happiness course 

In this course, you’ll learn real-life lessons through a series of challenges aimed at boosting your happiness and developing more productive habits. Professor Laurie Santos in this course reveals myths about happiness, annoying mental features that lead us to think the way we do. 

In this course, the author shared her real-life experiences as well as professional experience and research-based knowledge of well-being. 

Santos produced this course on Coursera to share the content of the class with a larger range of audience. You can either access it for free or pay $49 for a certificate of completion.

“Psychology and the Good Life,”  a new course purposed by Laurie Santos, has been announced in 2018 (Spring). What was the topic? It was all about  Happiness.

Santos’ class was a mix of abstract as well as concrete concepts. 

According to Santos, the course is taken by one out of every four Yale students. The lecture “Psychology and the Good Life” drew 1,182 students, a Yale record for a large lecture.

It combined positive psychology with behavioral science applications in the real world. It disproved popular beliefs about what makes people happy and taught students how to develop the habits they need to live happier, and more meaningful lives.

The course was first offered in the United States, which is home to the world’s supposedly unhappiest population, at one of the country’s most prestigious and high-pressure universities. And you want to know the result so the response was tremendous.  

After receiving numerous requests for access to the course, Santos created an iteration “The Science of Well-Being” for the most popular online learning platform, Coursera, which is open to non-Yale students for free.

Course Content

This course is divided into weekly installments. Video lectures, readings, and “rewirement” activities to do each day to build happier habits are included in weekly installments.

Having access to the transcript of the video you’re watching has the added benefit of allowing you to create notes pinned to specific sections of text, permitting you to annotate the class without having to take handwritten notes.

According to research, if you follow the instructions exactly, you should notice an improvement in your mood as well as in overall well-being.

In weekly installments, the course includes the following components:

  • Beliefs about happiness that aren’t true
  • Why are our expectations so low?
  • How can we overcome our prejudices?
  • Things that make us truly happy
  • Putting policies into action

Weekly Modules for happiness course

 Week 1:  This module is all about the introduction of the course.  In this module, the author will tell you Why to take this course? This module will take 2 hours to complete.  There is a total of 4 videos and 9 readings.

 Week 2:  In this module, the author will tell you What are misconceptions about happiness?  There is a total of 7 videos,  3  readings along with one quiz.  This module will take approximately 2 hours to complete. 

Week 3:  In this module, the author will tell you,  Why our expectations are so bad?  There are total 8 videos, 3  readings along with one quiz. It would take  2 hours to complete.

 Week 4:  In the module of the 4th week,  the author will guide you that How can we overcome our biases? There is a total of 7 videos,  3  readings with 1 quiz.  This module will take approximately 2 hours to complete. 

 Week 5: In the module of the 5th week,  the author will tell you that what is Stuff that makes us really happy? There is a total of 11 videos,  3  readings with 1 quiz.  This module will take approximately 3 hours to complete.

Week 6: In the 6th module,  the author will let you know How we can intentionally put strategies into practice? There is a total of 5 videos, 3 readings with 1 quiz. This module will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Week 7, 8 & 9:  In these modules,  the author will guide you that How to start your final rewirement challenge? And How to continue your rewirement challenge? There is a total of 3 videos, 7 readings along with 3 quizzes. These modules will take approximately 3 hours to complete.

Week 10: This is basically a week for assignment consisting of four videos, 6 readings, and 1 quiz. 

After completing the course and assignment you will be rewarded with a certificate. This is not just a simple course. This is not less than a life lesson shared on behalf of the personal and professional experience of the author.

Yale’s other courses on Happiness

I think you got enough details on the course on happiness by Yale University. The university offers some other courses on happiness. Some courses are free while some are not. It’s up to you to choose the courses. All the courses are the best but this one is out of the box course. The rating of the course The Science of Well Being is more than 4.5.

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