CBSE class 10,12 practical exams will be held from March 1

CBSE class 10,12 practical exams will be held from March 1

February 14, 2021 0 By Nishat Firdaush

CBSE board has announced the practical exam date for class 10 12 students. The practical exams for CBSE students like project work and assessment will begin on March 1. The exam will be finished by June 1, 2021.

Although the exam will be held in school and administration will have to upload the marks just after finishing the assessment. CBSE board has also launched the marks distributed system for project work on their official website. As usual, the practical exam will be held by an external examiner.

This means the student will have to visit their own school to take a practical exam under the surveillance of an external examiner. If in some case School will not be able to hold exam properly. The exam will be canceled and students will get practical marks on the basis of the theory marks they will secure.

Covid-19 protocol will be followed during practical exam

CBSE board has announced to follow covid-19 protocol during the practical exam. The laboratory must be sanitized, students and teachers must wear masks. The group of 25 students will be separated into subcategories by maintaining social distance.

Students will have to wash and sanitize their hands before entering the school laboratory. The administration will have to make entry and exit norms for students depend on the location they leave.

The exam will be conducted separately for the students who are a little bit and healthy or have any symptoms regarding covid-19. If the School administration will unfollow the CBSE guidelines they will be fined rupees 50000.

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Source- Indianexpress