Best Courses For Interior Designing After Class 12

Best Courses For Interior Designing After Class 12

August 10, 2021 0 By Nishat Firdaush

Searching for interior designing courses you can take? Don’t know which college is best for you? Well no worry further, you have landed in the right place to clear all your doubts. I am here to help you find the best courses for interior designing after class 12. And also suggest colleges available for interior designing in India. You will learn its meaning, best courses, software, colleges, jobs, salary, and how to become one.

Interior designing is the art of decorating homes, hotels, villas, hospitals, etc. So, the visuals look appealing to the human eye.

Therefore, the designer uses tools and software to make beautiful homes and decorations. They make 2d & 3d models and sketches on the computer and show them to the client for confirmation.

They design and place things in their place that look amazing. Designers work on the layout of buildings, structures, and create maps.


How to become an interior designer after class 12.

If you are that person who loves art, design, and wants to fill empty spaces in your room. So, the Interior design course is for you. Creative student like you always wants to know all courses related to art & design with job list.

Some colleges require you to have maths and physics in class 12th. But, there are many who don’t have this criterion.

You can join this course with any stream that you have chosen in class 12th. Further, to become a designer you need to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in it.

And, you must have completed certificate exams like CAD, AIEED, NID, etc. It shows that you are a skillful person that delivers the best solutions.

You must also need to have deep knowledge of colors, synchronization, texture, materials, etc. They require you to be familiar with tools like SketchUp, Maya, AutoCAD, etc.

So, to make 3d models and decorate buildings with your style. After that, you are eligible to apply to companies and become a designer.

You can also start your own company and hire teams with experts. Interior designing has a great demand in the industry.

People want to decorate their offices, homes, and restaurant interiors. So, there are many opportunities in this field. Let,s dive into the list of best courses for interior designing after class 12.

What are the best courses for interior designing?

best courses for interior designing after class 12

To become a skilled designer and create beautiful buildings. One needs to master the basics of interior designing. Therefore, you can enroll in courses that provide you details to become a professional.

You can be creative and love painting. But, one must learn to give direction in one’s art. I have listed below some courses that you can enroll in. Being an art lover some professional courses will add more skills.

i. Diploma Courses in Interior Designing

If you are hearing Diploma courses for the first time then do not worry. I will explain to you exactly what type of course it is. So, basically, a diploma course is short-term, enabling you to acquire the professional skills required to get the job done.

Moreover, these type of courses lasts for 1-2 years depending on the college and subjects. And, it also conducts internship programs. Therefore, you get to experience the hands-on practical work and master your skills. It is why diploma courses are on the craze and highly demanding. Because you can get a job here fastly and with ease.

What does a diploma in interior designing course contents?

In diploma courses, you learn about construction, home decoration, filling empty spaces with creativity. Moreover, you are given projects while studying where you get hands-on experience. So, you learn the color wheel, different textures, and materials used in designing.

Eligibility criteria for Diploma in interior designing

Students are required to pass the 12th examination with any stream from a recognized board. Moreover, students with a score of 45-60% can get admission to most colleges.

Admission Process-

Students can get admission with a merit list and colleges also have their entrance exams. So, depending on the colleges you can get entrance exams.

Course fee structure-

The fee structure for this type starts from 12000 and can go up to 8 lakhs depending on the college.

Types of jobs after Diploma-

So, after doing a diploma various jobs are available to you. For example, Interior designer, Wedding Decorator, Exhibition Designer, Draftsman, and certain manager roles.

What is the best colleges for a diploma in interior designing in India?

  • Pearl Academy,
  • IMS Design and Innovation Academy, Noida
  • Mumbai University (MU), Mumbai
  • Mewar University, Chittorgarh
  • Royal Global Unoversity, Gowahati

ii. Bachelors in Interior and furniture designing

Bachelor’s in design is one of the famous courses students pursue. You learn all about designing, decorating, creating ideas, and filling empty spaces.

You learn about colors, software, and all basic information. Therefore, we can say that it is core to becoming a designer.

Duration for this course – 3-4 years depending on the college

What Is The Eligibility Criteria?

Students from any stream can take admission and the minimum marks required for admission is 50-65%.

How many types of bachelor’s degree in Interior designing?

  1. BA in Interior designing
  2. Bachelor of Architecture in Interior design
  3. BA in interior architecture and design
  4. BED in Interior design

What are top-level entrance exams in bachelor of interior design?

NID entrance exams, AIEED entrance exam, SEED entrance exam, GD Goenka DAT, Pearl Academy entrance exam.

List of Top colleges in India for bachelors of Interior design

Pearl Academy, CEPT University, Arch Academy of design, Amity University, Dhanvanantari Institute of design & technology.

Fee structure of the college

College fees range from 20, 000 – 12 lakhs depending on the college

Career after Interior Designing in BA

You can start your own firm or work as a Design Manager, Interior designer, Studio and set-up designer, Architecture designer, Head of design, etc.

Job areas for designers- Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Airports, Media, Corporate houses, courthouses, etc.

iii. Maters in Interior designing

Master course contains advanced level content in interior designing. You learn about filling spaces and professional knowledge.

Eligibility requirements for students

It is required to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 40% marks in any Interior and architecture course. Students can also take admission after having a diploma course in any related program.

Entrance exams for this course 

Exams included in it are AIEED, NID, NIFT for taking admission.

Time is taken for this course 

So, this course can be completed with a minimum of 2 years of time or sometimes 3 years.

Master in the design course fee 

The fees range depends on the type of college. For example, CEPT university charges 7 lakhs for this course, International School of Design fees is around 3 lakhs.

Types of colleges in this degree

Christ college in Pune, INIFD in Pune, CEPT University in Ahmedabad, Pearl Academy, etc.

Salary expects after this degree

You can expect a salary from 50, 000 to 5 lakhs depending on your skills and knowledge. It can also reach a higher package.

iv. BSc in Interior Designing

BSc contains all the basic information that you need to start working on it. Therefore, it contains drawings, models, structure, materials, and how to make sketches of a building.

Moreover, it includes principles of design and fundamentals.

Types of contents taught in BSc in Interior designing

You learn to make a grip in mathematics, arts, and graphics, software, designing theories and principles, color theory. Moreover, the course focuses on giving theoretical and technical knowledge.

Time is taken for completing this course

So, this course takes a minimum of three years to complete.

Fee charge in this course

Depending on the college fee is charged in the range of 1 lakh to 8 lakh.

Types of entrance exams


Job options after completing BSc in interior design

Draftsman, Product designer, Interior designer, Interior and architect-designer, Studio designer, etc.

Which software is used for interior designing?

You got details on the best courses for interior designing after class 12. It’s time to know about the software used by an interior designer. Interior designing is about crafting ideas for your creations. Therefore, designers use tools and software to create images.

For example, they work on the looks of a room, decorate, and place things inside. So, they make models, sketches, structures in software to get an idea.

After that, they use colors, diagrams to understand different things. The software helps them to fast the process. I have listed below some tools that designers mostly use.

i. AutoCAD

AutoCAD is an automation tool mostly used in the designing industry. It helps you to create 2d & 3d drawings, maps, models, etc.

Moreover, you can trace your drawings, count blocks, and share them with teams. You can also compare your drawings, add blocks, and save them to cloud storage.

And, one can create texts, annotations, tables, dimensions,  leaders, layouts, fields, etc. Therefore, it gives you various tools to enhance the process.

You can automate the drawing process. It also has different toolsets used in different fields. For example, architecture, mechanical, 3d map, plant, raster design toolsets.

You can also use the mobile app for editing and sharing your designs.

ii. SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Pro is a powerful tool for creating models, sketches, and objects. You can make reports, customize projects, and use it with other tools.

Therefore, one can create accurate drawings and imagination. So, whatever projects you have taken can be finished quickly by it. It also has tutorials to learn and improve.

iii. Adobe Substance

This tool is mostly used in animation, games, design, and architecture. You can create 3d models and paint them. And, it helps you to recreate your drawings with smart materials.

Therefore, you can bring out the artist inside of you. Moreover, you can add texture to your 3d painting. It offers a 30-day free trial you can access. And, you can also use the substance app.

iv. Infurnia

Infurnia gives you access to CAD. So, you can create rooms, mark names, and type. You can design 3d & 2d and add doors, windows, beams to your model.

Moreover, one can create tile patterns with drafting tools. You can design beautiful walls, pillars, and surfaces. And, you can add prices and quotations for designs. One can also create customs and access their design anywhere.

v. Easyhome Homestyler

Homestyler is the perfect tool for designing homes, offices. You can decorate with your style and view it in 2d graphics. Moreover, it has a photo-realistic view where one can view images of their designs.

Therefore, designers love this tool to create beautiful homes. They can style floors, add furniture, and other decorations.

vi. Autodesk 3d max

Autodesk 3d max allows you to create detailed designs and visuals. You can automate your workflow and access API. Bring creativity to your designs with Autodesk 3d max and create amazing drawings.

So, you can meet deadlines and work on different projects. And, it has light mixing, color correction, and lens effect for rendered images. Moreover, one can render high-quality images after designing.

vii. TurboCAD

It is the best tool in the market for rendering, model, and adding dimensions. So, the users can easily create photorealistic projects.

Most importantly, you can add texture, revolve, extrude, sweep, & more. It helps you to print 3d.STL files and has 3d print button for printers.

Moreover, one can share AutoCAD files to mobile devices and teams. You can design interiors, structures, floors, etc.

viii. ClickUp

It is a powerful management tool that lets you manage all your projects in a single app. Most importantly, you can create reminders for your next projects.

Admins can view the timeline, docs, and track their employee’s works. You can customize and create dashboards and views per your taste.

Therefore, designers use this tool to access their drawings, time and track their deadlines. You can also record something and check it anytime and anywhere.

It helps to increase communication between teams, members, and admins. One can give feedbacks and assign roles to their team members, or themselves.

Best colleges for interior designing in India

Interior designing is a growing industry with millions of jobs available in India and abroad. Therefore, there is a spike observed in students taking this course.

Many colleges provide certificates, degrees, and diploma in it. So, we are going to share some best colleges that provide degrees in it.

  1. Pearl academy
  1. National Institute of design
  1. Lovely Professional University
  1. Parul University
  1. ARCH college of design and business
  1. Amity University Noida
  1. National Institute of fashion technology

Jobs available for the interior designing course

best courses for interior designing after class 12

After completing a bachelor’s or master’s you become eligible for various jobs. I have listed below a few jobs that you can do.

i. Graphic designer

ii. Textile designer

iii. Project manager

iv. Interior designer

v. Exhibition designer

vi. Theatre, film set, and TV production designer

vii. Merchandise designer

What is the salary of an interior designer

An Interior designer with fresher knowledge can earn up to 15-25,000. After that, with 1-2 years’ experience, you can earn up to 2 lakhs.

Designers who have more than 4 years of experience earn 4.5 lakhs per year on an avg. Professionals can earn up to 1 million depending on their field and knowledge.

Moreover, Interior designer project managers earn 26 lakhs per year. So, if you are head, director, or architect you can expect a salary of up to 16-26 lakhs annually.

Interior designing is a broad field and rising industry. Therefore, talented people are required at every place. New Delhi, Bengaluru, Noida, and Chennai are the highest paying states for this job.

Conclusion on interior designing course

Interior designing is a big industry with different types of jobs one can apply for. But, sometimes designers are underpaid for their work.

So, in starting you should try to learn as much as you can from books, live projects, and other works. You can earn up to 10 lakhs in a project on becoming an expert.

In jobs, one can expect a salary from 15,000 to lakhs. But, your paycheck increases with experience. One can also join online courses in Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, etc.

You get a certificate and become a professional within 2 years. They have different types of courses from home designing to architecture.

So, my advice is to try to learn in the first year by doing internships and taking projects. You can also ask friends and family to be your first clients. I hope you got answers on courses for interior designing after class 12. If confusion persists do let me know your thought in the comment box.

What should be my qualifications for applying in interior designing?

To apply for interior design you must have a bachelor’s degree in BDes, MDes, and clear AIEED, NID, CAD type of exams. You can do interior designing from any stream.

Is interior designing a good career?

Indeed, it’s a good career option for designers and creators. If you are an artist, painter, and love filling empty spaces with decorations and crafts. Go for it, you will enjoy being a full-time designer.

Do you need science and math for interior designing?

You just need the basics of maths and the science of calculating and measurement purposes. Like what angle, the area is required to fit the size. And, what materials, fabrics should you use for decoration, etc. You can do a short course or learn online maths basics. It is used for daily purposes. But, if you already have maths, then good.

Is interior designing a high-paid job?

It Depends.
The salary of interior design can be good depending on your post and company. For example, if you are the head of the design industry you can expect a salary of 19-50 lakhs. And, freshers earn 3 lakhs per year on average.

Who is a better interior designer or architect?

These two profiles are quite different. As Architect your role is of constructing and designing houses, buildings, structures, etc. The outer layer of structures. But, as an interior designer you work on interior and design the looks of building from inside, like carpet, decorations, furniture, colors, texture, etc.