20+ Ideas On How To Become A Successful Creative Writer

20+ Ideas On How To Become A Successful Creative Writer

April 3, 2021 0 By Nishat Firdaush

I know you are dreaming to make a career in creative writing. But extremely confused about how to become a successful creative writer? No worry let me solve your biggest question.

A skilled writer is someone who can successfully employ words to represent his ideas in a better way. In other words, when someone writes and produces a literary work they can be regarded as a writer. 

A Writer writes different styles to communicate thoughts in words. In forms that become easy to understand and interesting for readers. For example, novels, books, poems, or essays. 

What is the difference between a creative writer & an author?

How to become a successful creative writer is a secondary thing. Before starting a career in writing we should be clear about the variety of writers. There is a great difference between creative writing and novel writing.

If you are planning to become a creative writer. And willing to start a career in creative writing. Then you must know the difference between a creative writer and an author.

As the name suggests creative writer your responsibility is to create amazing creative content. You came across much creative content nowadays on social media.

You watch many short story videos of 1 to 2 minutes. Sometimes you see extremely creative posters, banners, holdings near you. The lucrative content that gains attention instantly is creative writing.

If you talk about an author it means knitting a plot, writing a story. The work of an author also comes into creative writing but in a different manner. An author in their lifetime writes countless novels short stories essays etc.

An author writes based on genre. They choose their writing style and genres like romance writing, tragedy, thriller, etc. If you are thinking about how to become a successful author? We will also let you know in the next article.

1. What is creative writing?

Creative Writing is any form of writing that is beyond the norms of academic, journalistic, going through technical forms of literature. It requires crisp, crunchy, creative imagination for creative writing. A piece of writing that can gain the immediate attention of the reader is called creative writing.

It is typically based on creating a good narrative craft, where character development, in the formats and styles. It can be in the fictional and non-fictional categories.

Also, consider the different genres. Especially, playwriting and scriptwriting are prominent creative writing categories. Nowadays we see countless content on social media as memes, viral posts. These are great examples of creative writing.

Now, lets see who can become a creative writer. Moreover, to understand what all skill you have to be pro at.

2. Who can become a creative writer?

It is always believed that you have to be born a writer. But this is not true anyone can be a writer. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of practice and dedication. Anybody can become a creative writer. It only needs love for writing.

If you think you have a a romantic relationship with pen and diary. Then it is a great sign to become a creative writer. Creative writing does not need any degree. It requires only your willingness to write. Think differently, write differently, never stop exploring your skills.

But you have to master the language. Be the master of language you are comfortable with. Having in-depth knowledge of grammar, punctuation, etc is a bonus. It’s is just that the writer effortlessly puts thoughts in words. By using the language correctly as a medium.

So if you are passionate about telling stories. To impact the world with your thoughts through writing. You are eligible to be a creative writer.

But the only condition is not losing hope. Furthermore, keep on updating your writing skills. It’s is important that you keep trying to become a successful creative writer.

3. How many Types of Writers

Now, that you know that how can you be a writer. Let’s proceed further by understanding types of writers. There are different types of writers. 

  • Creative writer- The objective of creative writing is to share human experience and entertainment. Through imagination, writers attempt to portray the truth about humanity. In the form of poem and storytelling. Creative writers create content to entertain the world in a creative manner.
  • Copywriters: A copywriter writes content about a product and its features effectively. So that viewers get attracted to it. And make think of purchasing the products. Moreover, they also write catalogues, brochures, advertising letters, etc.
  • Author: You might be familiar with this. An author is a person who composes a book. Write many novels during his lifetime in various genres. It can be a fictional or non-fictional, romantic or thriller. Where character is involved. Climax, themes, and various other elements are used.
  • Content writers: A content writer writes a Seo-friendly article for a website, blog, etc. They make sure that the context is interesting and informative at the same time. So that it is easy to understand for the viewers. The writer’s only responsibility is to create as much as content.
  • Songwriter: The soul of music is the lyrics. Songwriters write the lyrics of a song. Some heart-touching, exciting words that blend with tunes and beats. Songwriter creativeness lies in his emotion. They pen down their emotion on papers.
  • Technical writers: They explain a product’s technical terms and translate them into a language for a layman to understand. A technical writer narrates all the details of a product from his point of view.

4. What are the skills required to become a successful creative writer?

To become a writer you have to add countless skills. If you think by just writing you can become a successful writer. Then you are extremely wrong. Below I am telling the must have skills.

i. Writing Skills:

Most importantly, having writing skills. A good writer is someone who is extremely confident about his writing skills. Similarly, having command over grammar, punctuations, tone, and clarity in thoughts.

ii. Creative imagination

You need to be creative while thinking. Thinking out of the box will have its impact on your audience. You have to imagine the endless possibilities that can help to develop your story. And overall become an art of creativity.

iii. Passion for writing

When you are passionate about writing you tend to motivate yourself. Without passion, you won’t be able to write continuously. Writing needs patience to pass through the writers blocks. And that is only possible when you push yourself to write.

iv .Time Management:

Work Overload and Procrastination can become a huge obstacle in your way to become a successful writer.

You need to balance your work-time and be able to complete work in the given time by your client. You should be careful and realistic while setting your deadlines. 

v. Learn from your mistakes:

As we all know humans beings are bound to do mistakes. Moreover, you should try to learn from your mistakes. Most importantly, try not to repeat the mistakes.

Throughout your career, you will be given feedback for your work. Filter out genuine feedback and learn from it.  This will help you to upgrade your self in a positive way.

vi. Marketing skills:

Even if you can create an amazing piece of work. You won’t be able to monetize it until you learn some marketing skills.

Certainly, good marketing strategies can help you to reach out your work to potential clients. Therefore, to target right age group it’s is necessary let them know about you through marketing campaigns.

vii. Start as soon as possible:

Don’t wait for potential clients to reach out first. Nobody will be able to acknowledge you and your work till you have your portfolio and work experience.

Therefore, engage yourself in some Freelancing jobs and increase your writing skills. This will also give you better exposure of the field. Similarly, will build your networking.

viii. Adaptability:

You will be given different work across your career. This will make a shift in your writing skill. Along with tone of voice in each writeup.

Therefore, you need to be adaptable and comfortable with every writing style. For that you have to keep practising and reading various styles of writing.

ix. Research skills:

As a writer to get a better picture of the whole idea of your work. Certainly, you need to be a good researcher.

We are not asking you to go into detail but you should at least have basic knowledge about the field you are assigned to write. 

It will further make you aware of what needs to be added and what not. Also, you can give facts that are backed with research.

x. Ability of focus:

While there are several distraction in the around. If you want be a successful writer then you have to focus on your work and thereby give their best. 

Keep reminding yourself about your goals and deadlines. Yes you can take break in between see that you don’t exceed it. And start your work again.

xi. Editing:

Of course, you can write perfect content, but it will still be a draft. Your work needs to undergo several editing processes. There can be few things that might be extra and few that might be gone wrong.

During the editing process, you will have to spot out grammatical and spelling mistakes. Moreover, this will be a time-consuming process. So here you have to be patient and deal with it.

xii. Up to date with the latest trends:

You could be an excellent writer but if not up to date with the world, then you lose your track. You have to be relevant to your audience.

So that the audience can relate to what you are trying to say. The world keeps on changing as fast-paced and you will have to catch up.

How to become a successful creative writer

5. Career as a Creative Writer

i. Become a blogger

Start writing blogs and share your thoughts. Build your website and write SEO-friendly articles. So that your article is easily optimized. For this, you have to decide your niche and learn about SEO.

ii. Editor in newspaper & magazine

You can also work for a newspaper or magazine. Their hire creative writers to write articles. For example, If you have knowledge of the fashion industry. You can be a columnist in fashion magazines.

iii. Work as a freelancer

If you don’t want to work under a boss? Also you don’t want to work as committing to typical 9-5 job. Then you have an option to become a freelancer writer. You have the control to choose you work. Most importantly, set your terms and payment.

iv. Write for theatre, movie script

Do you want to work for movies? Then you can also work as a movie scriptwriter. Scriptwriting is not limited to the movie. As the world is becoming digital. Various platforms want screenwriter, scriptwriters. For short films, movies feature films and lengthy episode oriented stories.

Conclusion on how to become a successful creative writer.

To become a creative writer is neither a tough task nor an easy task. If you are creative passionate for writing then it will easy task. But if you are thinking to become a creative writer just in a swag. Then it is going to be tough task for you.

To work as a creative writer, you need to be determined and passionate. Writing can sometimes be tiring. But it is fun. It has its satisfaction when you see your piece of content published anywhere.

Although writing is not as easy as it seems. But when you are determined you can completely overcome the barriers that come your way. Produce a masterpiece that the world is waiting to read.

Hope you got an exact answer on how to become a successful creative writer. And if you are looking forward to becoming a creative writer. Best of luck try hard until you reach your goals.

Do not keep any doubt in your mind regarding creative writing. Still, you have any queries or confusion please do comment or mail us. We will guide you in every step