digital marketing institute in india

12 Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes In India

Digital Marketing has become the latest trend worldwide. So it becomes trendy, catchy, high paying career option in India. Although before making a career in digital marketing. What is the most important factor for students? I think the best factor is. To know the best digital marketing academy. Have you ever imagined? why did the sudden explosion come in digital marketing? Let me tell you. Because all companies are shifting their traditional marketing strategy to digital marketing. That is why till 2021, there will be a huge demand for Digital Marketer. And if you are planning to choose Digital Marketing. As your final career option. Then go for it. Let me guide you in selecting the 10 best digital marketing institute in India.

Before landing on the list of India’s best Digital Marketing Institute. I want to share the Top career option available in this field. After finishing the study in digital marketing. You can shape your career in these fields.

High Paying Job After Finishing Digital Marketing

  • SEO Expert
  • SEM Expert
  • Email Marketer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Website Designer
  • Content Writer
  • Blogger
  • YouTube Channel manager
  • Fb ad manager
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Content Developer

List of 10 best digital marketing training institutes in India


digital marketing institute in india

All India Management Association(AIMA) is also working in the field of Digital Marketing. AIMA in partnership with Digital Vidya has launched its digital marketing program. AIMA did a partnership with Digital Vidya. Because to maintain its quality of course material and content. Although the course runs online. And it is a weekend program. The classes run on Saturday and Sunday only.

Courses Style– online

Course Fees Structure– INR 30000/-

#2 Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is considered the best digital marketing institute across India. It is a leading academy with quality education. Digital Vidya is only specialized in digital marketing training. The institute has formed in 2009. And now it has become a brand and a milestone. Although it did a partnership with many leading brands across the world. For instance General Motor, eBay. Digital Vidya is among famous digital marketing institute in India.

Course Style– Online and offline

Course Fees Structure-INR 50000/-

#3 Simplilearn

digital marketing institute in india

Basically Simplilearn is a Bangaluru based educational institution. It runs 200+ courses in many fields. It provides training programs according to students’ convenient. In fact, Simplilearn provides classes of Digital Marketing in offline and online mode.

Course Style- Online and Offline

Course Fees Structure- INR 20,000/-


So NIIT is already a renowned educational institute in India. Although NIIT launched a Digital Marketing course in the Indian education system. And 100+ NIITs are running across India in different cities. And it offers a Diploma in Digital Marketing to students.

But somewhere NIIT is not a top-class Digital Marketing Institution. Although its other courses are best. But Digital Marketing needs updating. It is a demand of time.

Course Style- Offline

Course Fees Structure- INR 38000/-


digital marketing institute in india

DSIM (Delhi School of Internet Marketing) considers among the best Digital Marketing Institute. It is India’s first institute. Established a partnership with Google for Digital Marketing training. DSIM provides training to entrepreneurs, professionals, freshers and job seekers. It delivers class based on 17 different modules of digital marketing.

Course Style- Online and Offline

Course Fees Structure- INR 56,000/-


EDUKART is a premium Digital Marketing educational institute. And it’s head office is in Delhi. Basically Edukart is famous for distance education learning. It provides an online course in digital marketing.

Course Style- Online

Course Fees Structure-INR 30,000/-

#7 EduPristine

digital marketing institute in india

EsuPristine is a renowned name in the field of Digital Marketing. Although it gives online and offline facilities to students. For digital marketing classes. And EduPristine has reached 6 cities across India. Its centre is located in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangaluru. It also provides a 15+ certificate in Digital Marketing.

Course Style- Online and Offline

Course Fees Structure- INR 30,000/-

#8 Learning Catalyst

Learning Catalyst is a Bangalore based Digital Marketing academy. It runs two months classroom room project. And provides online, offline classes for students’ convenience. Along with classes, the Learning Catalyst gives internship and placement to students.

Courses Style- Online and Offline

Courses Fees Structure- INR 37000/- for offline class

INR 25000/- for online class

#9 Upgrad

digital marketing institute in india

Upgrad provides a PG certificate in Digital Marketing. It provides quality education with the help of talented mentors. Although it runs online classes. Upgrad takes classes of 180hours. And finish classes in 6 months.

Course Style- Online

Course Fees Structure-INR 88,000/-

#10 Manipal Global

Manipal Global has set a milestone in the field of digital marketing. It runs three months online program. And gives a PG certificate in digital marketing. Although its course fees are a little bit expensive.

Course Style- Online

Courses Fees Structure- INR 95,000/-

#11 Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India is a famous brand name in digital marketing. Although Digital Vidya acquired it in 2015. But it gives certification in digital marketing. It runs short and long term courses.

Courses Style- Online and Offline

Courses Fees Structure- INR 35000/-

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